The files below contain the firmware and the ds30LoaderGui in one package. Make sure to you use the firmware file for your version and model (you can also download the ds30LoaderGui separately).

Latest Firmware Downloads

version 12 Hardware

There are currently no firmware updates available for version 12 hardware. Please contact me if you have suggestions.

version 11 Hardware

See this blog post for a description of how to update the firmware via the serial connection on v11 hardware. is the latest firmware for the v11 models.

version 10 Hardware

See this blog post for a description of how to update the firmware via the serial connection on v10 hardware. is the latest firmware for the v10 models.

version 9 and Earlier

Firmware updates are not available are not available for earlier models.

Firmware Update History

12.m14 – 15 Jan 17

  • Initial release with v12 model – see here:

11.m13 – 30 Oct 16

  • Changed some audio settings – see here:

11.m12 – 23 Aug 16

  • Added RNC command to allow echo programming of RN42.
  • Some minor audio tweaks.

11.m09 to 11.m11 – Released date coincided with new models as they were released.

  • Major firmware rewrite to account for new PIC24F32KA302 processor and PCB layout.
  • Slightly modified bootloader for new hardware.

10.m08 – 24 Aug 15

  • Fixed a bug from 10.m07 and added one new command.

10.m07 – 23 Aug 15

  • Some experimental features added for custom sounds and additional commands for volume control. Before upgrading to this firmware make sure you read this blog post.

10.m06 – 9 Aug 15

  • Fixed a bug with the heightSeconds feature for auto off. It is no longer limited to a max of about 650 seconds.
  • Added a new hardware setting “speedMultiplier” to allow less cadence sensitivity to vertical speed.

10.m05 – 2 Apr 15

  • Fixed a bug associated with the U1 input. NMEA strings that are 79 or 80 visible characters now work.

10.m04 – 6 Jan 15

  • Fixed a little bug in the experimental buzzer feature which caused a wierd sound when lift beeping stopped. Note: After flashing make sure to reset all of the onboard settings using the command $RSX*.

10.m03 – 2 Jan 15

  • This firmware introduced a two stage power off for the USB version. A long press of 2s sends the device to sleep mode, continuing the press for a further 3s forces shutdown.
  • This firmware also added an experimental buzzer feature for the audio (off by default).

10.m02 – 13 Dec 14

  • This firmware fixed an audio volume bug. It is not critical. If you don’t care about not being able to make the volume quiter then you will not need it.

10.M01 – Initial Release