Bluefly Bluetooth model not starting (v11 or v12)

This article applies to Bluetooth model (V11 and v12) of the BlueFly. I inspect and test every BlueFly and battery prior to shipping, but it is possible that something was missed, or that it has been damaged.

When you plug in the battery and press the button it should start, and you will hear startup beeps and see lights as described here. This should work right away as the battery is normally shipped with about 60% of charge. If it does not work as it should please follow these troubleshooting tips.

1. Check that the battery is properly plugged in. If you are looking at this article you have probably already done that…

2. Inspect the female molex connector that the battery plugs into. The two small tabs on the other side of the housing are where the power from the battery is transmitted to the vario. It is possible that a poor solder joint was missed in testing. If this is the issue then please contact me via email and we will work out a solution.

3. Plug in a charger to the micro usb connector on the vario. If the battery is properly connected and working then you should get a solid red light to indicate charging. However, if it is not properly plugged in, or the battery is damaged. Then it the red light will be about half as bright and flickering very quickly. If you can’t tell the difference between the red light with the battery plugged in or not, then there is probably a problem with the battery.

4. The battery has a small board under the orange tape, and with one batch of batteries a poor solder joint can cause the battery not to work properly. If the battery and usb connector are plugged in and you press the button then the vario tries to start, but the battery may not providing enough power. The result is a repeating cycle of starting where lights flash and the vario speaker makes part of a beep. In some circumstances if you squeeze the orange tape so that you squish the components onto the small board in the battery then it will start properly. This is an indication that the battery is damaged; please contact me via email.

5. You can also check that you are getting power properly by looking for the flashing blue light. If you press and hold the button and you see a flashing blue light that means that the bluetooth module is getting power, but if it is not starting then there could be a problem with the processor or perhaps one of the voltage regulators. If that is the problem you might try the power flush boot.

If none of these steps help, then please contact me via email.