Explain the button, lights and beeps?


All BlueFly models since v11 have incorporated a button for soft power on and for controlling the vario. Operation of the button is as follows:

  • Starting with the vario off, short press the button (for less than one second). The vario should power on.
  • During normal operation mode short press the button to toggle the vario audio sound on and off.
    • With the sound off the vario is still sending data to any device it is connected to.
    • In firmware version 11.m13 and later some additional settings were added to control the toggle operation with the audio buzzer, and also an override to toggle the sound back on if the vario moves more than toggleThreshold in height.
  • During normal operation long press the button (for more than three seconds). The vario should power off and you will hear the shut down sequence.


The startup sequence is:

  • A 1 second initial beep at 4000 Hz.
  • For models which incorporate a battery; between the number of short 0.2 second beeps at 2000 Hz that indicate the battery voltage:
    • 0 beeps indicate that the battery is below 3.6V (very flat – the vario will shutdown).
    • 1 beep – between 3.6V and 3.7V (almost flat).
    • 2 beeps – between 3.7V and 3.8V.
    • 3 beeps – between 3.8V and 3.9V.
    • 4 beeps – between 3.9V and 4.0V.
    • 5 beeps – between 4.1V and 4.2V.
    • 6 or more beeps – over 4.2V (very full).
  • The startup beeps are finished by a short (0.1s) beep at 4000 Hz

During normal operation the beeps indicated lift. See the hardware settings manual for a detailed description.

The shutdown sequence, either from a long press on the button, a low battery, or from a command sent to the vario telling it to shut down, sounds like “Beeeep … Beep-Beep … Beep”


Green LED

All BlueFly models have a green LED.

  • It lights up briefly when the BlueFly starts to during the processor start up sequence.
  • It also lights up when the button is pressed when the BlueFly is in normal operation mode.
  • By default, it also lights up when a lift beep sounds, although this can be adjusted in the hardware settings.

Blue LED

The blue LED is used for different things on different models.

  • The v11 and v12 models which incorporate the RN4677 bluetooth transmitter use a blue LED to indicate operation:
    • A single flash every second or so indicates it is in discovery mode.
    • A double flash every second or so indicates it is connected.
    • If the blue LED is solidly lit then it indicates that the bluetooth module has been disabled as the secondsBluetoothWait time has elapsed since the vario was started (by default 180 seconds, but you can change this hardware settiging). Just restart the vario if you want to try to connect again.
  • On the TTL_GPS model or the USB_GPS model with the PA6H GPS, the flashing blue LED indicates that the GPS has not yet got a satellite fix. When the blue LED turns off then the GPS has a fix.


The red LED is used for charging.

  • On models with a battery, the red LED lights when the battery is charging (when connected via a micro USB cable). A fully discharged battery should charge in about two or three hours, then the light might turn off, although sometimes it stays on trickle charge depending on the condition of your battery.
    • If the battery is not plugged in then the red LED will still light if connected to micro USB power, but it will be dim.