My BlueFly’s Bluetooth name is showing up as Dual_SPP?

When the BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_V11 and V12 are programmed the on-board RN4677 Bluetooth module is also configured. This changes a few of the modules parameters such as the Bluetooth name, which is changed to BlueFly-XXXX (where XXXX are the last for hexits of the MAC address). Normally the name does not matter, but for Flyskyhy you will not be able to connect to the vario unless it name starts with BlueFly.

The name might have reverted to Dual_SPP (which is the default name of the RN4677 module), because the module reset itself, or perhaps I neglected to properly set it when I built and tested the module.

In any case, the fix is pretty easy. Just follow the hardware settings reset procedure described in the hardware settings manual.

  • Start with the vario shut down.
  • With a paperclip or other wire short SCL and GND, then press the start button.
  • The green light will come on, but you will hear no sound for a few seconds as the green light flashes on and off. After about five seconds you will hear a constant sequence of fast high pitched beeps.
  • At that point remove the short and the vario will boot.
  • Shut it down, restart it, delete any Dual_SPP or previous BlueFly you have paired on your device/PC, then re-pair and reconnect.

If it continues to revert to Dual_SPP on a regular basis, please contact me.