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This is the latest evolution of the classic BlueFly. Connect to your phone or other device with Bluetooth, and it also works as a stand alone audio vario. You can connect it via USB to adjust settings. The Bluetooth_USB model of the BlueFly is designed for use with Android or iOS to connect to free flight apps.

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Choose this model of the BlueFly if you want to connect to Android or iOS devices. Android devices connect using Bluetooth SPP. iOS devices connect using BLE. You can connect it to a Windows PC via USB to adjust settings.

This blog post provides more information on assembly of the BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_USB_v12.2:

See this orignal blog post for technical design for the v12:

The package includes:

  • BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_USB_v12 main board programmed with the latest firmware, and with a small piece of neoprene protecting the sensor.
  • 750 mAh Lithium Polymer battery.
  • The translucent blue BlueFly case with four screws.

Note that the sky blue case with stand offs is still available if you would prefer it. Please make a note in the order if you want it and email me just to make sure. 

Additional information

Weight 31 g
Dimensions 58 × 36 × 16 mm

15 Jan 2017


Included 750 mAh battery good for about 13 hours. Recharge it via the micro USB port (there is no data connection on the micro USB port).


Connect to devices using the on board RN4677 bluetooth module.


No, but intrepid hackers can add one via the U1 port.