Simple Varios

The Bluefly varios simply measure vertical speed and altitude based on atmospheric pressure. The pressure sensor inside the Bluefly does this 50 times every second, with a resolution that enables the measurement of tiny altitude differences of just 10 cm. Turn it on and it beeps pleasantly when you go up. It is super responsive.  

Pilot Focus

Flight instruments are awesome devices to help pilots know the air. The best components are cheap and the instruments should be too. The Blueflys of today are the result of project grew from a not-for-profit hobby that grew out of control. The mature designs provide just what pilots need to fly well. This pilot focused philosophy continues to motivate the production and ongoing development of awesome little varios.


The Bluetooth models are the classic Blueflys that connects to XCTrack or other apps on your phone via bluetooth, with the Bluetooth_GPS_IGC model providing onboard GPS with IGC recording. The TTL_GPS models are for connecting to xcsoar on a Kobo, with the USB_TTL_GPS_IGC model adding some advanced features for specific needs. The mini Audio vario kit is the simplest and cheapest.