Designed for simplicity

The BlueFly variometers are flight instruments for measuring vertical speed and altitude based on atmospheric pressure. The BlueFly pressure sensor measures atmospheric pressure 50 times every second, with a resolution that enables the measurement of tiny altitude differences and provides legendary responsiveness.

  • An MS5611 pressure sensor provides an ultra responsive altitude resolution of 10 cm.
  • The onboard audio tells you what the air is doing, and can be configured to match your flying style.
  • Choose between:
    • The Bluetooth model to connect to Android or iOS for use with flight apps.
    • The TTL_GPS model to solder to a Kobo or other device with a TTL Serial port.
    • The USB_GPS model for a wired connection to a Kobo or other device with a USB port, but without a GPS.
    • The USB model as a stand alone audio vario; or for connection to USB ports on many devices.

Philosophy focused on pilots

Flight instruments are awesome devices to help pilots know the air. Even the best components are pretty cheap and the instruments should be too. The BlueFlyVario project grew from a not-for-profit hobby that got out of control. Ongoing development helps drive innovation in free flying sports using open hardware and software, and is focused on meeting the needs of pilots above profit. This philosophy continues to motivate the production and future development of awesome little varios.