BFV Desktop Application

The BFVDesktop application can be used to set hardware settings for all models of BlueFly (Bluetooth, USB, Bluetooth_USB, TTL_GPS). To make it work:

  • Download and unzip the application ( – updated Dec 2023)
  • Install Java for your platform.
  • Make sure the BlueFlyVario can be connected to a virtual serial port.
    • For Bluetooth connections you will either need to pair with your PC using an installed Bluetooth adapter, and then work out what the serial port number is.
    • For USB connections (USB and Bluetooth_USB models) you should be able to connect to your pc and a serial port will be installed. The Bluefly uses a FTDI chip and on most version of windows it will install automatically. Look at the installed serial port in Device Manager to determine what the serial port number is.
    • For connecting to a TTL_GPS model you will need a USB to serial converter.
  • Double click on BFVDesktop.jar in the unziped application folder (or windows users can use Run.bat).

Mac OS users should check the knowledge base article here.

If all is well then you will get the screen as shown below. Connect using the appropriate virtual serial port and alter the settings as described in the Hardware Settings Manual.

If you are having trouble these suggestions might help.

BlueFlyVario Android App

Find this app on the Play Store. It was the original BlueFlyVario app and some pilots still use it to adjust hardware settings, although it may not work on recent versions of Android. Please note that it has not been updated for some years and is no longer supported. You can find the source on GitHub here:

An android version of the BFVDesktop application has been produced by Deni. At some stage the old BlueFlyVario Android App will be replaced with this one on the Play store. In the meantime you can download the apk here.

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