LK8000 Settings

With the Bluefly connected to the Kobo and LK8000 up and running:

  • Menu | Config | Config 1/3 (this gets you to page 2/3, in the slightly confusing LK8000-speak) | LK8000 Setup | Device Setup
  • Device A, Name, then pick BlueFlyVario off the list and Select
  • Back in device Configuration, Device A, you set the baud rate to 115200
  • Then Close
  • Menu | Config | Config 1/3 |LK8000 Setup
  • System Setup | use Next or Prev to get to page 10 Interface
  • Configure Custom menu; for one of the ten boxes, pick from the list Device A Config; Close
  • Menu | Config | Config 1/3 |LK8000 Setup; System Save; Save as.. or Save New, to save it.

Then to get the interface right:

  • Menu | Custom menu | Device A Config, gives access to all the Bluefly Hardware parameters in three pages, but first Use Next to get to BlueFLYVario 3/3,
  • Output Mode | pick LK8EX1 from the list and Select | Close

And it will all be working. You can use the Device A Config at any time to change any of the BFV internal parameters.