How do I force a power flush boot?

Occasionally, with some of the BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_v12 devices, the microprocessor can get stuck in a strange boot state. To fix it we need to drain all of the power from the microprocessor, then flush it quickly.
Please try the following:
1. With the battery plugged in, press and hold the BlueFly button. That should power on the voltage regulator and put power into the main circuit. Normally that would boot the micro controller, and the green light would come on, and you would hear beeps. If you then release the button then the micro controller should then the voltage regulator powered up. However, in the strange boot state if the micro controller is not booting, then you should still see the blue light of the bluetooth module flashing while you are holding the button down.
2. If the blue light is flashing when you press and hold the button, then we can try a special boot procedure which floods the micro controller with power quickly.

  • With the button held down, short circuit v+ and gnd (indicated on the bottom of the board) with a paper clip or something, but only for a second or two. The power from the circut drains through the short circuit.
  • Quickly release the short circuit, the vario might spring to life as the micro controller is flushed with power.
  • Then you can release the button (within a few seconds).
  • Now, as long as the battery is plugged in, it should turn on and off normally with short press to turn on, and long press to turn off.

If that works, then your vario should continue to work as normal as long as the battery is plugged in.