I am having trouble connecting to iOS (flyskyhy) over Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth module on the Bluefly is not like many other devices which connect to iOS. You don’t try to pair the Bluefly as a bluetooth device in your iOS settings menu. Instead, you just connect it directly from within the flyskyhy settings menu. Please check the instructions in this blog post, although note that you do not need to worry about the part about the WFE BLE Chat app. http://blueflyvario.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/ios-support.html.

You should also look at the latest support information on the flyskyhy page here: https://flyskyhy.com/bluetooth-varios.html

A few additional tips:

  1. Restart iOS device, just to make sure that nothing else is using the bluetooth radio.
  2. Restart the Bluefly. Is the blue light flashing? If so, go on to the next step. If not, follow these instructions to reset the Bluefly default settings: https://www.blueflyvario.com/knowledgebase/reset-hardware-settings/
  3. In flyskyhy go to the apps settings menu. You need to swipe up near the bottom of the screen to bring up the settings. Select Vario|Model|BlueFlyVario then select the device.
  4. You should check the colour of the vario status instrument: http://flyskyhy.com/generalInstruments.html#variostatus. If it is green, you have a working connection. Yellow usually means something on the BlueFly side, the vario is not switched on for example, or a specific vario device has not been selected in Flyskyhy. Red is usually something on the iPhone side, Bluetooth is switched off, or the app has no authorisation to use Bluetooth.
  5.  If the flyskyhy vario status instrument is red, then the app does not have access to Bluetooth. This could be because Bluetooth is switched off on the phone (e.g. because it is in “Airplane” mode), or because Flyskyhy does not have access privileges. Please check in the Apple Settings App that Bluetooth is switched on under Bluetooth, and Bluetooth is switched on in the Flyskyhy settings. Note, these are the Flyskyhy settings in the Settings App, not the Settings in the app itself.

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