Bluefly Bluetooth not starting (v22 or v23)

This article applies to Bluetooth model (v22 or v23) of the BlueFly. I inspect and test every BlueFly and battery prior to shipping, but it is possible that something was missed, or that it has been damaged.

When you press the clear button on the v22 or v23 model of the Bluefly it should start. This should work right away as the battery is normally shipped with about 60% of charge. If it does not work as it should please follow these troubleshooting tips.

1. Open the case using these instructions.

2. Unplug the battery, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in again. If the battery has charge then the vario should start as soon as it is plugged in. If that does not work then do the same with the USB cable plugged into the vario. If you have a multimeter than measure the voltage between VDD and GND tabs on the back of the vario.

3. If 2 does not work then you should try the recovering a bricked vario procedure outlined in the firmware update blog post.

If these steps do not help, then please contact me via email.

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