Using the BFVDesktop application with a USB cable?

The BFVDesktop application on the software page of the website is used to adjust settings on the vario. You can connect Bluefly (v12 and later) to your computer using a USB cable. If you have followed the instructions but can not get it working there are a few things you should check. 

First, the most common error is that when you plug in the vario to a Windows PC the correct driver is not installed. For the current version of Windows it should show as a ‘USB Serial Port (Com X)’ in Device Manager, but you might find that it is shown under Other Devices as a ‘FTDI 230x Basic UART’ with a yellow icon showing that it does not have a driver installed. There are many other possibilities on your system, but ensuring you have the driver installed before proceeding is vital. 

  • To install the driver download the appropriate VCP driver for you system from the FTDI website. I have found that the setup executable on the right hand side of the website is the most reliable method. 
  • Once the driver is installed, plug in the vario with a USB cable (make sure that your cable is for data transfer, and not just for charging). You should now see it show in Device Manager correctly. Take note of which COM port it is installing as. 

Next, ensure that you have Java installed correctly. 

Run the BFVDesktop application, select the COM port the Bluefly installed as, then press Connect. It is possible that the settings will not populate. In this case, a short press of the button on the Bluefly should populate the settings in the application. 

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