Why is my vario shutting down? (v12 and earlier)

There are few reasons why your Bluefly might shut down unexpectedly:

  1. If you have a battery powered model. The Bluefly measures the battery voltage every 10 seconds. If the voltage is less then 3.7V then the Bluefly will shut down. When you start it back up you will only hear one battery beep and it will shut down again after about 10 more seconds. Recharging your battery should fix the issue. If that does not work then it is possible that your battery has reached the end of its life, or perhaps the voltage measurement circuit has an error.
  2. From v10 the BlueFlyVario models incorporate a button for soft power on/off instead of the slide switch used on previous models. If the vario is not moved vertically for a period of time then it will shutdown. The setting heightSensitivityDm controls how many decimetres the vario must be moved in order to reset the auto power off flag. After heightSeconds of no movement greater than heightSensitivityDm the vario will shutdown. The defaults are different for different models. See the Hardware Settings Manual for more information how to adjust settings or restore the defaults.

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